Mindset + Metabolism + Movement = Results.

Building a sculpted, sexy and strong body while preventing or reducing your risk of heart disease is possible!


You do have to get your head in the be game – Ongoing tips and strategies are a valuable piece of the process. We are available to support and offer accountability building the confidence to have a lifestyle game plan that works while so that you get and keep results. A key component of our client’s success is our online portal that provides tracking and insights and provides Suzie with the info she needs to tweak your program along the way. Beyond that are public and private FB groups where friendships are forged, and encouragement is ongoing. Support and accountability WORKS.


It really does come down to movement and munching, but it’s NOT complicated. Nutrition = delicious AND healthy. It’s not about restrictive or fad diets or eating “rabbit” food. Our program does not remove you from the flow of your actual life or take you away from the enjoyment of family and friends, but it does give you new ways of thinking about food. There is not a one size fit all approach with fitness or food.


You’ve done it all – Spent hours in the gym – Killer cardio workouts followed by intense strength training programs to be followed up with Yoga to stretch everything out. How is this different and why has it helped hundreds of women?  (the Holistic Heart Health intensive) different? It is based on the science of balance – building lean, sculpted, strong bodies using the “right’ combination of exercises – spending less than 2 hours in the gym per week! YES, It is Possible

Support is Built In

Multiple avenues of support depending on the program duration you choose. From our online portal for tracking and support documents to our private and public Facebook groups, direct emails from Suzie, and zoom meetings either with the group or 1-on-one, the support you need is available every single day.

Talk With Suzie

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Suzie has been my personal trainer for many years. I truly like her holistic approach to my overall well-being from helping me to manage my physical abilities and skills to providing healthy wellness and eating choices. And, I say “Personal Trainer” because she really is so much more.

I absolutely appreciate Suzie for her exceptional dedication and transformative contributions in the health and fitness industry. As a lifetime fitness enthusiast with a wealth of professional expertise, Suzie has positively impacted the lives of countless individuals, empowering them to discover their fitness potential and achieve optimal health. Suzie has played a pivotal role in cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation programs, where she leveraged her expertise as an Exercise Physiologist to support individuals facing health obstacles. Her dedication to empowering her clients led to life-changing outcomes, allowing them to improve their health and embrace more fulfilling lives.

Suzie Jeffreys, an exercise physiologist and member of the rehabilitation team with a particular interest in nutrition, explains, “Changing habits is difficult for patients. So we focus on the facts: portion control, reading labels, and eating more fresh food and less packaged food. We also help people weigh the risks and benefits of all of their food and lifestyle decisions.” Her passion for her work is contagious. Maybe that’s why patients take her advice to heart.